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Hosted by Sarah Troy. Receiving a 2022 award nomination for the Global Institute for Evolutionary Women in the field of education, a category for recognizing women who teach, inspire, and educate others, is both an honour for Lori and symbolic of how life educated her to be where she needs to be.

In this episode Lori Changer talks about her personal transformations as well as the ways she helps teenagers transform their lives.

Lori Chenger is a certified hypnotherapist, dementia specialist and NLP practitioner who is dedicated to lead by inspiration. As a motivational speaker, Lori is a member of HerStory Global Women’s Empowerment Conferences and has been booked by Your Holistic Earth, Homecare Assistance and Robertson College convocation ceremonies. Utilizing a combination of NLP and hypnotherapy techniques, Lori leads engaging staff development workshops along with a motivational and profound dementia workshop entitled The Flood. Lori’s signature talk is The Echo of Yes. Behind every decision, you say Yes to, there lies a fear of a residual “no”, “maybe”, or “shouldn’t” based on limiting beliefs and subconscious programming. Lori speaks about how she maneuvered her way through life’s challenges to be an author, actress and director. In keynote presentations, Lori provides some easy and practical demonstrations that you can begin to use and see immediate results with in your life.

How to Support Kids' Mental Health During COVID -

Learn how to support our kids' mental health during COVID and anytime they are dealing with stress. Kids respond to how we talk about and what we do when are feeling stress. Learn how to support kids’ mental health during COVID with tools to help them talk about their feelings.

Interviewed by April Mahoney - Lori Chenger is a motivational hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner who used these modalities to clear her own childhood narratives which led her to be an international best selling author and Spring Forest Qi-Gong practitioner.

Hosted by Raja Vaidya, Lori gives advice on how to rehabilitate your life and create the life you want to live.

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