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Create The Ripple Magazine

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Business, Life, and the Universe

This book is an inspirational, educational, and motivational reading experience for the reader. The book is like TEDx meets Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Lori Chenger has written an informative piece on life, and how to grow!

Compiled by Cody Poirier

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Women Rock Magazine

A beautiful women's magazine designed to empower, inspire, and educate women. Lori has written a piece about moving through past beliefs and into a wealth mindset.


Unbridled Strength! 38 Empowering Stories Of Resilience and Growth

This book was born from the desire to find the path back to our natural state of wellbeing, to inspire us to heal our wounds and triumph in the face of our adversities. Thirty-eight authors share their personal stories to offer insight, inspiration and encouragement to us all. We feel their struggles, and we find hope in their courage and strength as they refuse to yield to some of life's most challenging and unfavorable conditions. A collection of real-life stories, will leave readers empowered and encouraged to build their resilient muscle.

Compiled by Monica Kunzekweguta

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