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Meet Lori


Receiving a 2022 award nomination for the Global Institute for Evolutionary Women in the field of education, a category for recognizing women who teach, inspire, and educate others, is both an honour for Lori and symbolic of how life educated her to be where she needs to be.

Until Lori learned how to become a hostage negotiator of the mind, she kept creating life from the poverty of thinking that one can easily adopt from an unhealthy family narrative.

By age eleven, Lori experienced sexual abuse twice, grew up without running water, indoor plumbing, and electricity. Watching others make decisions based in addictions was a great teacher on how to live small and alone. This life was also a precursor to a marriage grounded in addictions and abuse. When you change the way you look at the things, the things you look at change. Once you learn how to get out of your own way and build a wealthy mindset, life will change and forgiveness is possible.

Using the modalities Lori is trained in and doing continual inner healing, Lori’s life began transforming. In just the past four years, Lori has taken to the stage as a motivational speaker, became a two time international best-selling author for her personal reflections in motivational compilation books, wrote and published three children’s books, is a contributing author for two magazines, has become a paid actress for stage and improv acting, appeared in a music video and television commercial.

Two of her passion projects are helping youth be seen, heard, and understood by becoming a board member for the platforms run by Dr. Ali Lankerani whose mission it is to educate children, youth, and parents and her work with immigrants through the African Canadian Performing Arts Foundation.
Lori’s message is simple, clear, and direct. Your age and circumstances do not hold you back, your mind does. When you are ready to grow forward, contact Lori to speak at your organization, facilitate an an engaging workshop, or benefit through her coaching mentorship.

Live inspired and act through a wealthy mindset.

What Lori Brings

Trained in multiple modalities and having navigated her own life journey, Lori brings a perspective to life that is unique and positive and she wants to share this with as many people as possible. Lori believes that our minds are the label makers of our lives, and it is up to us to design the life we want with our thoughts, moving through limiting beliefs and negative mindsets, to become the person we most want to be.

Having spoken at multiple BLU Talks (Business, Life, & the Universe) events, described as a little bit "TED talk" and a little bit "Chicken Soup for the Soul", Lori likes to speak to the heart and soul of the listeners at her sessions.


If you are interested in having Lori speak at your event - whether it be in person or via a zoom link - please reach out for dates and pricing information. 

Previous Speaking Engagements

  • Robertson College Convocation Ceremony

  • Overcoming Fear Retreat​

  • The Resilient Woman Series hosted by Tabitha Holliman​

  • Alberta Caregivers Association

    • Dementia Talk

  • Spring Wellness Expo, Rimbey, Alberta

  • Columbia University

    • NYC motivational speaker

  • Unbridled Strength Symposium

    • contributing authors live Q & A panel

  • Voices Of Women

  • Women In Bloom International Conference

  • The Play Expo with Role Model Makers and Dr. Ali Lankerani, November 2022

    • improving self esteem using the medicine wheel

  • Family Education Series, online - January to March 2023

  • Rimbey Wellness Expo, Rimbey, AB - April 30, 2023

  • Family Matters Mega Summit, Online - May 15, 2023

  • University of Cambridge, England - July 2023

  • University of Calgary, Calgary - August 2023

  • MOREathon Live Virtual Summit - September 2023

  • Be & Become Virtual Summit - December 2023

  • Calgary Board of Education Supports Convention - February 15-16, 2023

Previous Podcasts

  • Role Model Maker podcast hosted by Dr. Ali Lankerani, April 2022

  • Blu Talks Podcast hosted by Cory Poirier, January 2021

  • On The Edge Podcast hosted by April Mahoney, September 2020

  • Salve Podcast hosted by Monica Kunzekweguta, November 2020 

    • how adult children in their toxic relationships affect parents

    • how the current societal views are influencing our expectations of male children and why these views need to change​

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