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D is for Dementia


February 2022


Telling stories keeps us alive and moving forward. Inspired by having worked in the field and having experienced my own parent be affected with the diagnosis, I desired to be able to provide a missing link for families and caregivers to be able to begin a dialogue with children when Dementia comes to exist in their home.

Children appreciate facts, pictures they can grasp and make sense of, and most of all they desire an understanding that they can hang on to as adult life around them gets chaotic. Books are comfort and music comforts the soul which is why this book also contains lyrics that can be sung to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. In the end, whether we are adults or children, the universal language when words are not understood, is the language of love. No matter what we can no longer verbally express, the power of love still resides in all of us.

From my house to yours, may love be your anchor.

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