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Black Sheep Academy


Be Seen.
Be Heard.
Be Understood.

The signature program of Black Sheep Academy involves mindset shifting, vision questing, journaling, creative writing, and theater skills to ignite youth's creative muse to be seen, heard, and understood.

We want to encourage youth to act now and move from victim to victorious in their own story. Change your story, change your life!

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Lori's Story

The Why Behind Black Sheep Academy

I grew up always feeling lost and alone, believing that my circumstances defined who I was. I did not realize that I was more than those experiences. I was a person. I mattered despite what my outer life looked like. It was so easy to stay in the rut of thinking that I was a victim of my life. I wanted much more for myself, but thinking I was broken - I did not know how to create my life to be anything different than the comfort zone I was living from. I chose to live my life small until I began to realize that the only person holding me back, was me! It was then that I really woke up and started using my mind, my thinking, and my passions to create a new identity.

Later on, in my careers as a youth crisis worker and addictions counselor, I watched too many youth be overlooked because their academics were lacking, their clothes, lifestyle, behaviors, or families were not meeting the standards of what society felt were possible for success. I always knew that one day, I would be able to make the waves that mattered so that the “Black Sheep” could find their place in society and know that they were never broken and that they always did matter and that they did not need to devalue themselves because society devalued the lives they were born into. It takes courage to make the choices that lead you away from addictions, abuse, and poverty, it takes strength to follow your passions or truths especially if it is does not resonate with the majority. It is for these reasons that I created the avatars of Jesse and Billie and formed Black Sheep Workshops. It is often the people labelled the black sheep of their families that are often the individuals who become our future healers and leaders.

The Black Sheep Academy
Mental Wealth Program
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