A YES in

the right


Imagine a life of happiness and joy.

This can be you!

Motivational Speaking, Hypnotherapy, 

Voice-over Acting or Qigong,

Lori can help with saying "Yes"

in your life!


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Speaking Engagements

Did you know Lori is an accomplished speaker?

Below is a list of some amazing events Lori has had the pleasure to be a part of:

  • Overcoming Fear Retreat - guest speaker

  • The Resilient Woman Series hosted by Tabitha Holliman

  • Alberta Caregivers Association - Dementia Talk

  • Spring Wellness Expo-Rimbey

  • Columbia University- NYC motivational speaker- The Echo of Yes

  • Business from The Heart - nominee for Quality Care Award

  • January 2021 - Blu Talks Podcast

  • April Mahoney's podcast- On The Edge

  • Contributing writer for Create The Ripple Magazine

  • November 2020- interviewed by Salve Podcast and Monica Kunzekweguta
    (talk was how adult children in toxic relationships affect parents)

  • Panel Speaker - authors of Unbridled Strength

  • Voices Of Women - Motivational Speaker

  • Women In Bloom International Conference - Guest Speaker






What's your yes?

Lori Chenger is a certified hypnotherapist, dementia specialist and NLP practitioner who is dedicated to lead by inspiration. As a motivational speaker, Lori is a member of HerStory Global Women’s Empowerment Conferences and has been booked by Your Holistic Earth, Homecare Assistance and Robertson College convocation ceremonies. Utilizing a combination of NLP and hypnotherapy techniques, Lori leads engaging staff development workshops along with a motivational and profound dementia workshop entitled The Flood.  Lori’s signature talk is The Echo of Yes. Behind every decision, you say Yes to, there lies a fear of a residual “no”, “maybe”, or “shouldn’t” based on limiting beliefs and subconscious programming. Lori speaks about how she maneuvered her way through life’s challenges to be an author, actress and director. In keynote presentations, Lori provides some easy and practical demonstrations that you can begin to use and see immediate results with in your life.

After Lori studied hypnotherapy along with its application to dementia, she began to clear away her own childhood narratives that led her to be an international author of two anthologies based on resilience; Unbridled Strength and the soon to be released Business, Life and the Universe. One of Lori’s proudest writing accomplishments is the children’s book D is for Dementia, which helps children stay connected to family during the disconnect of dementia.

Lori Chenger has appeared on Global Television Edmonton, CBC Radio, The Healing Pendulum and interviewed by the St. Albert Gazette.  Training in improve theatre, stage acting, voice over acting and directing leaves Lori comfortable on stage and experienced to engage your audiences.



"Lori - you made a positive difference in my life. Because of you - I can face all challenges in my life. You taught me to be special in my own way. Real learning comes from beyond the textbook." 


"Thank you Lori - because of you I have learnt to deal with issues in my life."


"Thank you for your guidance and discipline - I appreciate your time and knowledge. You made a difference in my career!"